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Isaiah and I worked very closely from 2001 to 2004 while I was Geoscience Coordinator in Lagos, Nigeria and then in an advisory/mentorship role through his various assignments over his nearly 20 year career ExxonMobil. 

Isaiah is very strong at most all aspects of subsurface characterization across all business stages (Exploration, Development and Production).  His strongest technical traits, from my experience, are seismic interpretation and deep-water clastic stratigraphy.  He has much experience in West Africa development and production and applied these skills to help mature numerous drill wells.  More recently, this included being the Team Lead for the Ubit field study which drilled more than 200 wells into a very complicated reservoir.  This was far from your average infill programme as the reservoir is very heterogeneous as are the current contacts and it required significant creativity to mature this successful programme.  A second example I will cite, was early in his career, he was part of a team charged with drilling 18 exploration and appraisal wells in a mature area.  Again, this required significant creativity and technical prowess to mature these leads to drill wells.  His seismic interpretation skills made him indispensable and ultimately resulted in his advancement to an Integrated Interpretation expert at ExxonMobil. In addition, as Technical Team Lead he helped set the standard for how the role should be approached at Mobil Producing Nigeria.  His approach was to both mentor junior staff and act as a role model for technical leadership. Isaiah would add value to any company and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue

                                                                   -  Frank J. Goulding

                                                                   Chief Geoscientist                                         ExxonMobil Exploration Company  

I worked with Isaiah Okunlola on deep-water Angola field development projects for ExxonMobil, and with him during his training in the company's deep-water internship program. I can enthusiastically recommend Isaiah. He possesses a broad understanding of deep water reservoirs and how to interpret them. Isaiah possesses advanced deep water seismic interpretation skills and his technical work is thorough. He was an integral team member during the development and production of the field when we drilled numerous complex wells. He is also an excellent team player. He works well with other team members and the resulting collaborations produced technical products that allowed the project to be successful. Again, I recommend Isaiah as well qualified petroleum geoscientist

                                                                -  Jeff Geslin

                       Technical Consultant (Stratigraphy)

           ExxoMobil Upstream Research Company  

Adebayo (Isaiah) is a very experienced geoscientist with deep and broad technical skills. His knowledge and experience cuts across various petroleum geoscience and petroleum engineering and drilling skills set. He is very vast in studies, operations, generating, maturing and executing drill wells opportunities for old/new fields, production optimization and exploration activities. He made significant contribution to the high quality subsurface evaluations leading to the fast track development of three new fields (Abang, Oyot and Itut ). Noteworthy was that the evaluations was completed six (6) months ahead of schedule and thus ensure rig schedule flexibility and efficiency. In addition, he led the execution of a highly successful Usari field re-development involving drilling and completion of several horizontal wells without any disappointment in addition to significant reserve addition and volume uplift. He is well respected as a role model for technical leadership, knowledge sharing and mentorship of less experienced colleagues. He is highly recommended.

                                                                                                            -  Gbenga Olumurewa

                                                                                                                       Project Manager

                                                                               Dev. & Deepwater Geoscience - EMPC   

Adebayo (Isaiah), as a Senior Geoscience Advisor and Technical Team Lead, was a key contributor to the technical quality of subsurface evaluations and technical skills development through knowledge sharing with team members. He displayed sound technical knowledge, team spirit, cross functional collaboration and attention for details. Isaiah brings positive energy to work; he is a pleasure to work with and I will not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to any organization.                                                                                             

                                                                                                                        -  Engr. Emem Udoh

                                                      Senior Technical Advsor - Reser. Simulation & FS - EMPC  

I had the privilege of working with Isaiah as his Geoscience Supervisor/Manager in Mobil Producing Nigeria from 2004-2008, relatively early in his career.  During this time, Isaiah worked as a member of small multi-functional team charged with identifying and maturing exploration prospects offshore in the Niger delta shelf. Isaiah was extremely hard working with excellent skills in interpretation and integration of 2D and 3D seismic data.   Although he was a less experienced junior member of the team, Isaiah had already developed the maturity and technical skills to allow him to stand toe-to-toe in technical debates with his much more senior peers and in reviews with senior management.  Since that time, Isaiah became recognized as an integrated interpretation expert within ExxonMobil.  There is no doubt in my mind that Isaiah can provide valuable technical consulting services to any business stage requiring geoscience evaluation or in depletion planning.


                                                                                                   -  Roger W. Head

                                                      ExxonMobil Geoscience Manager (retired)     

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