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Senior Technical Consultant

Eze Paul Wanorue is an experienced mentor, coach, respected technical leader.  He has designed and delivered several training sessions in Reservoir Engineering topics.  He authored / co-authored several published technical papers. He is a recognized Senior Technical Professional (STP) Advisors in Reservoir Engineering.  He also received Advanced Professional Skills Award and ExxonMobil Upstream Professional Development Committee Award, for the development of colleagues and service to the engineering profession. He holds B. Sc. & M. Sc. degrees in Petroleum Engineering from University of Southern California, USA. He has attended several technical, management, and leadership development and certification programs from reputable institutions of learning within and outside Nigeria.

He is the Chief Operating Officer of WECE Petroleum Engineering Services Ltd. A Petroleum Engineering Company registered in Nigeria as a consulting firm specializing in providing subsurface, geological and engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry. He retired from ExxonMobil in January 2014, after more than 33 years with diverse and international experiences in both managerial and technical disciplines. He was retained by ExxonMobil to provide consultancy services for the Company immediately after retirement from Feb. 2014 to Jan.2015 on: Reservoir Management, Performance and Production Optimization, Data Management, Reserves Evaluation and Validation, Reservoir Description and Characterization, Reservoir Simulation, IPM and Well Modeling, Opportunity Generation and Maturation, Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery, New Field Development, etc. In this role, Eze provided mentoring to MOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA (MPN) staff across the various Subsurface, Geoscience, Surface, Drilling and Operations groups.


Prior to his retirement, Eze was one of the few Senior Technical Professional (STP) Advisors in ExxonMobil Upstream Companies. In this role, he provided mentoring and technical leadership on Reservoir Management, Surveillance, Production Optimization and Data Management across ExxonMobil worldwide.  He provided technical leadership on all MPN Field Performance and Reserves reviews for both the JV and Deep Water assets including workshops with NNPC & DPR.  As Reservoir Engineering Advisor working at ExxonMobil, Central Technology Organization in Houston (Jan 2005 – Aug 2007), Eze contributed immensely to the financing and development of MPN Satellite Fields Phase 2 by working with Netherland Sewell & Associates Inc. to validate the Reserves for the various fields. He also coordinated Chad Development Projects to maximize Production and Reserves with integration of Satellite Field developments and numerous facility challenges. He successfully reevaluated and revised the Reserves figures of many Operated by Others (OBO) fields and convinced management and Co-Venturers for their redevelopment, resulting in Millions of barrel of reserves add and substantial production uplifts.

 Eze, played a critical role in the formation of the Reservoir Technology Group (RTG) in MPN and was the first Supervisor in charge of all ExxonMobil Reserves analysis including Reserves Audits (both internal and external), and Simulation Studies in Nigeria. Prior to this assignment, he held the following management and technical positions: Reservoir Engineering Supervisor, Oso Asset Team Coordinator, Capacity Enhancement Coordinator, Lead Engineer- Special Study Team, etc. His experience covers wide range of complex sandstone reservoirs across the Niger Delta basin to complex carbonate fractured reservoirs in the USA.

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